I support people on the sacred path of embodying their deepest self through healing movement and nervous system regulation.

I am involved in teaching, writing and various projects here in the United States and in my home country of Bulgaria. 


Links to all I do can be found below. I humbly hope you find my work supports you on your healing journey.

       EATMOVELIVE52, is where I write with Roland Denzel, my partner in life, health, and work. At eatmovelive52.com, you can find our latest book, articles, recipes, and information about courses, events and coaching opportunities. You can also become an EATMOVELIVE365 member.

       PURE BELONGING is home for Peace with food, my programs combining nervous system regulation and embodiment practices. This is a deeply  self-compassionate approach to eating and trauma healing that I have been developing over the last 5 years, combining my work as a Somatic Experiencing and NARM practitioner and my healing movement skills. On Pure Belonging you can get a chapter of my upcoming book and learn more about the Transformation groups that I teach.

      THE ART OF REAL FOOD. This my culinary baby. This collection of beautiful recipe cards, housed in their handmade wooden box, is a growing project with my partner Diana Shingarova. Since 2008 Diana and I have published a new volume in the collection each year. For those of you who read Bulgarian, the collection can be purchased online and in most health food and book stores in Bulgaria. In English, the first volume is available as an Android app, here. Visit artofrealfood.com for more info and beautiful recipes.


      MOVEWELLBG is my home for Restorative Exercise™ and online health education in Bulgarian, including webinars and programs for your nutrition and movement. I teach alignment, movement, and nutrition, coaching you by video, webinar, and hands-on seminars. MoveWellBG features interviews, articles, exercises, short heath tip videos, interviews, and more. 


You can read my thoughts on minimal footwear, my rants on sucking in your belly, and see my schedule of workshops, retreats, seminars, and appearances in Bulgaria at movewellbg.com